Talking 1to1 and all things Evernote

On October 27, 2010 I have the privilege to talk to Alex Ragone (@alexragone) and Arvind Grover (@arvind) on edTechTalk’s 21st Century Learning. The topic of the thirty minute discussion was the recent deployment of my school’s 1to1 initiative and our decision to give every student a premium Evernote account.

Our 1to1 initiative involves giving every students in grades 4-12  a Macbook Pro laptop (approx. 800), case and 500GB external drive with each student having administrative rights on his/her laptop.

A complete suite of software is installed on the laptops including Adobe CS5, MS Office, iWork and most importantly premium Evernote.

Hear about how all of this is playing out in the podcast available here:


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