Evernote at my School: Part Two

In December I posted a video that Evernote shot while at my school earlier in the Fall (Evernote at my School).  The video provided a brief overview of how we are were using Evernote in the early stages of our 1:1 Initiative.

During the time that Evernote was on campus they conducted numerous interviews with student, faculty and administrators.  They have since written a post entitled “Evernote at School: The Montclair Kimberley Academy’s 1:1 Program, plus Q&A Webinar” in which they include more information about our deployment, use both in the classroom and beyond.  They focus on all of the work that our teachers are doing with our student to improve learning, as well as a second video interview with me about our choice to include Evernote Premium as part of our standard package of software.

There is also a link to the Q&A webinar in their post about our deployment, which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 9th at 2pm (EST) or you can click here to register.

If you have questions about Evernote please sign up for the webinar, post a question on their blog or leave me a note here and I will get back to you.


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  • Bill,

    I’m trying to get my head around the pricing for the Sponsored Accounts – I have a school of roughly 600 kids+faculty, so at $5/month per account that’s $3k per month… even with the 50% discount, we’re still talking $18k annually for my school just for Evernote! Am I missing something? And if not, what’s MKA’s rationale for that kind of expenditure? I LOVE this program, but am struggling to anticipate a response to this aspect of deployment…


    • Jim,

      We have included this in the cost of our 1:1 as not only a learning tool, but part of the disaster recovery plan for our devices.

      Evernote is an excellent tool to promote student learning, feedback, assessment and organization and is a major reason for our expenditure, but the combination of a desktop and cloud based app makes and the syncing of the data between the two from an IT side was compelling.

      When we looked at all of the other backup scenarios from network and cloud based, to those that allow student to get back into the classroom and continue learning, Evernote won. When a student using Evernote comes into the Tech Center with a machine that needs repair we can simply give them a loaner machine, they can log it to their account and sync everything back and get back to the learning.

      I have written another piece on this topic: TimeMachine and Evernote for Disaster Recovery – http://www.williamstites.net/2010/11/16/time-machine-and-evernote-for-disaster-recovery/


      • Thanks, Bill. That makes a ton of sense!