Other Places

So this blog isn’t the only place you can find me and stuff that I am writing about.

I have been writing for quite some time for edSocialMedia.com as well as serving as their “Blogger in Chief”.  Most of what you will find there focuses on the us of social media inside of schools. Whether that be in the classroom, for communications, marketing or constituent relations you will find a number of pieces from me there and I encourage you to check it out.


Occasionally I do some consulting work with Educational Collaborators (EC).  EC has a collection of some of the top educator in the country and together they offer all sorts of educational services to school.  One thing they have just started is a blog where the collaborators can share their thoughts and ideas with everyone.  I now have to good fortune of share my voice on their blog too.


I have just started a Posterous blog.  This is more of a personal blog that will have my daily ramblings and observations… basically if you were to catch me walking down the hall or on the street what you might hear me talking about.


The thing that got me started really looking at social media was the Irish Studies program I have been involved with for over a decade. Social media has transformed how we run the travel portion of the trip and is becoming more a part of how the actual class is run.  If you want to see how I have applied some of what I’ve learned and know about technology, social media and educations, that would be the place to look.


Twitter is my drug… follow my addiction here.


Other places of interest & press: