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Gone in a FLASH – Dealing with FLASH and your browser.

Adobe’s FLASH is slowly going away and by the end of 2020 will officially be “end of life”. You can’t run FLASH content on any iOS device and with each new browser update FLASH content is getting harder and harder … Continue reading

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Time Machine and Evernote for Disaster Recovery

Oh my god… my hard drive crashed! What do I do now?!? How many times have you had a students or colleagues say these words to you? When they do it is as if their lives — their digital lives … Continue reading

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Talking 1to1 and all things Evernote

On October 27, 2010 I have the privilege to talk to Alex Ragone (@alexragone) and Arvind Grover (@arvind) on edTechTalk’s 21st Century Learning. The topic of the thirty minute discussion was the recent deployment of my school’s 1to1 initiative and … Continue reading

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