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Understanding Open Source

I am a big advocate of open source software.  We’ve used it at our school for a number of years.  Our firewall is an appliance called Untangle. We use open source software in the classroom including tools like Open Office … Continue reading

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Moodle and Blackboard… I’m not worried.

There is a lot of talk out there right now about the fact the Blackboard has purchased both Moodlerooms and NetSpot.  There are numerous blog post about it, including Remote-Learners response (Blackboard Buys 2 Leading Supporters of Open-Source Competitor Moodle – … Continue reading

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Moving to Moodle 2.0: Pt.1 The Decision

It wasn’t easy and came with a lot of investigation, thought and discussions, but we’ve decided to make the move to Moodle 2.0 this summer (2011). We have had a number of our teachers, students and tech staff playing with … Continue reading

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Moodle: How big is big?

We’ve been using Moodle at my school for years and it’s a real workhorse for us. Moodle is used in classrooms K-12, for committees, clubs, activities and for numerous other school needs. As we are prepare for an upgrade to … Continue reading

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